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Go Into Yourself
Divus Unit 30 London
7.11. – 30.11. 2008

Ivan Vosecký's studio is a laboratory of helplessness. In the tussle with art, he usually comes off worse. Against artists who win against art. You will never see all the pictures he has painted. Each one hides three or four others. This isn't a metaphor. Nor is it a method. He has them in the studio so long that he repaints them several times. He rarely exhibits and in a small booth, they'd ge cluttered up. From the time he started working, everything falls into place. Ivan Vosecký, as he himself claims, is a labourer of art.He takes care not to demolish the entire construction and tries not to create waste. You're probably now saying to yourself, "That must be really silly art!". And in fact it is silly. Nothing much at first sight.
But even gold can be wrapped up in crap and a fool wouldn't find it. Only a few find gold in crap. There's nothing pleasant about it. It is risky and sometimes it goes wrong. But it is far better than surrounding crap in gold packaging. Silly art indiscriminately reproaches humankind for its silliness. We need silly art more and more. Other art simply prostrates itself before the gravitas of humankind.

Ivan Mečl